Encrypt Uganda is a registered not-for-profit human rights organization established in 2017 by a group of IT fellows, digital security trainers and human rights activists that aims at providing protection measures to the ever-increasing digital security threats, security assessments, privacy, developing and analyzing digital tools.

Our team specializes in the areas of digital tool development, usability testing and auditing, digital security, research, advocacy and capacity building for human rights defenders.

Encrypt Uganda further seeks to increase civic knowledge and awareness online freedoms to empower human rights defenders, minority groups, journalists, bloggers and activists to actively use the internet without fear of surveillance, censorship and intimidation. Encrypt Uganda aims at creating continuous advocacy campaigns on digital rights and the use of internet.

VISION: A digitally advanced society where digital rights and freedoms are respected.

MISSION: Developing and Analyzing digital tools that guarantee data security, privacy, and secure internet and Empowering human rights defenders with digital safety skills.


  • To develop secure, user-friendly and customized tools to address the needs of human rights Defenders.
  • To analyze the usability of existing digital tools to find pitfalls.
  • To build capacities of human rights defenders, activists, journalists and bloggers in digital security management.
  • To promote and protect internet freedoms as provided in the regional and international instruments that Uganda is party to and in Uganda’s Constitution.
  • To work together with both regional and international bodies, journalists, civil society organizations and government bodies who share the same vision of Encrypt Uganda.


Core Values are the fundamental beliefs of Encrypt Uganda and these values help determine if Encrypt is on the right path. The following are the values that Encrypt Uganda believes in.

  • Security

  • Privacy

  • Adaptability

  • Teamwork

  • Innovation and Creativity