In Uganda, the digital era of internet and the use of digital devices by human rights defenders and activists, journalists, bloggers to do their work is on the rise. Given the sensitivity of the work they engage in, this has exposed them to a lot of threats and risks like state and non-state surveillance, repressive censorship, phishing, hacking, data loss, identity theft among others. This exposure has greatly contributed to abuse and violation of their privacy making them prone to security threats and risks.

Encrypt Uganda comes in to empower and equip the human rights defenders with knowledge and skills in digital safety and security. This will enable them to defend themselves against any digital security attack.

Digital Security Awareness Training

Humans are the weakest link in digital security. No organization is secure without training their staff in security awareness. Organisations should prioritize and invest in digital security.

Encrypt offers organisations, individual activists, journalists and bloggers security awareness trainings. Encrypt uses thought-provoking and innovative methods to engage the trainees which is an efficient way to create awareness among the trainees. The purpose of these trainings is to enhance the knowledge base and skills of the trainees regarding digital security.

Andrew helping a participant with his laptop
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