Encrypt Uganda takes the initiative to defend and promote online freedoms to prevent state and non-state restrictions. The methods of restrictions have included surveillance, blocking of sites and enacting of new laws, to restrict anonymity, privacy and free expression online

Under this area of focus Encrypt Uganda undertakes the initiative to research, monitor, and document digital security attacks and threats meted against hrds as well as abuses of online/Internet freedoms.

Uganda’s cyber legal framework is oppressive with a number of acts and/or laws allotting the government through its agencies excessive powers to prevent Ugandans in different spheres from enjoying their rights and freedoms of expression and privacy in this digital age.

Through trainings on various thematic issues, we enhance hrds competence and capacities on digital rights. This is aimed at empowering hrds to use the Internet space fearlessly.

Encrypt also tends to create continuous advocacy campaigns on digital rights and the use of internet.