Digital Security

HRDs in the Uganda do most of their work on the internet and use digital devices to communicate and store information on these devices. This has exposed them to a lot if online threats and risks like state and non-state surveillance, phishing, hacking, and identity theft among others. To mitigate the threats and risks Encrypt will train HRDs on how they can better protect themselves and the devices they use while on the internet.

Capacity Building

Uganda, like many African Countries is just migrating from analogue to digital age. This fact lenders the internet users at both individual and organisational level susceptible to various risks and threats associated with internet use.

Because HRDDs lack expertise, Encrypt aims at enhancing the operational and technical capacity of individual activists and human rights organisations in the area of online freedoms, systems enhancement and digital security to effectively carry out their work. This program focuses various groups of human rights defenders including civil society organisations, Non-Government organisations (NGOs), bloggers, journalists and individual activists.


Security Assessments and Audits

Cyber Rights Protection