A community where data, information is secure and Internet freedoms are respected.


To secure information, data and strengthen Internet freedoms of human rights defenders and activists.

Core Values

Security, Confidentiality, Transparency, Accountability, Innovation

What We Do

Assessments and Audits

In an increasingly digital world, digital-attacks on human rights defenders have become an everyday reality. Human Rights Defenders should reduce their organization’s and personal security risks and work towards safeguarding their information systems. Digital security assessment is among the core

Digital Security

Humans are the weakest link in digital security. No organization is secure without training their staff in security awareness. Organisations should prioritize and invest in digital security awareness.

Capacity Building

Our capacity building initiative is tailored towards imparting knowledge and skills which enhance the operational and technical capacity of individual activists, human rights defenders in the area of on-line freedoms, systems enhancement and digital security.

Cyber Rights Protection

Encrypt Uganda takes the initiative to defend and promote online freedoms to prevent state and non-state restrictions. The methods of restrictions have included surveillance, blocking of sites and enacting of new laws, to restrict anonymity, privacy and free expression online